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UNILUX 400110128

UNILUX 400110128 (400110128)

UNILUX 400110128

  • Type Valo
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The circadian rhythm is a biological rhythm that governs a set of physiological processes of man and animal (cognitive abilities, sleep / wake cycle, heart rate, mood, memory and body temperature). Its duration is about 24 hours and it is regulated by the light that plays the role of synchronizer. Man today spends more than 80% of his time indoors, subject to artificial lighting. The lack of exposure to natural light helps to disrupt the biological rhythm and results in a decrease in the daily sleep time of about 1 hour for 100 years. In addition, a desynchronized biological rhythm leads to disturbances of sleep and mood, a lower concentration and promotes the onset of seasonal depression.

SUNLIGHT, how it work?

UNILUX is developing its range of connected lamps with this innovative luminaire that synchronizes the circadian rhythm of individuals by reproducing sunlight and its impact on hormones.

– In automatic mode, the pre-programmed circadian cycle gives you precisely the light you need (in temperature and intensity) at the right time of the day with optimal visual comfort.

– The manual mode allows to adjust the brightness level to allow the person to enjoy the best light possible in any type of activity: Work, relaxation, or reading.

- LED buit-in: rated power 6.5W
- Source’ lifetime 50 000h
- Switch ON/OFF on the cable
- Removable on plug (12V)
- Materials : steel
- Power cable 1,9 m

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